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GDX Development Opens 24/7 Operations Center

St. Petersburg, FL — Gates Defense Systems (GDX Development) has recently partnered with Pole Star Defense to establish a 24/7 Operations Center located at The Maritime Defense & Technology Hub (“The HUB”) in downtown St. Pete. The two organizations are founding members of The HUB, which is part of the St. Pete Innovation District. The move was driven by the growth GDX Development has experienced and the need for 24/7 operational and service support capabilities. The center can provide a range of services, from Maritime Intelligence to tier-one customer support, to ensure that GDX Development’s clients receive unparalleled support wherever they operate globally.

Michael Gates, CEO of GDX, said, “We aim to deliver unmatched client support no matter where in the world our clients may be operating, and Pole Star Defense has a proven track record of delivering this standard across multiple federal agencies.” The partnership leverages Pole Star Defense’s certified National Maritime Data center and skilled analysts who operate the center around the clock. GDX clients can connect with dedicated staff through multiple channels to receive support for any need, including geospatial intelligence, maritime defense, and general mission support. “Although our technology is extremely intuitive and requires very little training, we leave no room for the very few times a client may need to reach out and connect with us,” Gates said. “We look forward to expanding our work with Pole Star Defense as our company scales up, and we are pleased that they are co-located with us in The HUB.”

Capabilities include:

  • Tier 1 Service Support
  • Security & Network Operations Center (SOC/NSOC)
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Maritime Defense