GDX Development

Overmatched Power at the Tactical Edge

GDX Development offers clients unrivaled support and development expertise to build mission success in the most complex environments.

Research & Development

R&D is a core tenet at GDX Development. We have unparalleled expertise bringing novel concepts to deployable solutions with our clients. From next-generation situational awareness to sensor fabric visualization, our team has extensive experience developing simplified but powerful tools to support nearly any modern mission set.


With a 24/7/365 US-based Operations Center, GDX provides clients with real-time support from anywhere in the world. From geospatial and maritime intelligence support, to IT infrastructure development, we offer best in class support by highly trained and certified professionals.

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Created with open-architecture and modern software development practices at its core, our system offers end-users wide ranging flexibility to rapidly integrate nearly any external sensor array via “snap-link” methodology, reducing the cognitive work load on both operators and command, placing end users at the center of critical information flow.

Who We Are

GDX is a small business with a big impact, rooted in extensive experience in the markets we serve. With backgrounds in supply chain, technology development, and supporting special operations teams worldwide, we are at the forefront of solving complex challenges. Our mission is to design and build market-leading intuitive systems that provide end-users with operational edge and enhanced mission awareness. With a vision to become the preeminent choice for solving complex challenges in the environments our clients operate in, we foster a values-based culture focused on the mission, where client success always comes first.
GDX Leaders