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GDX Development Launches SPHERE Product Suite at SOF Week
GDX Development Launches SPHERE Product Suite

Tampa, FL: The home of US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is never busier than when defense professionals and active duty DoD personnel descend on Tampa Florida for the annual SOF Week conference. No better time to launch the next generation of sensor fusion technology from GDX Development! SPHERE is an open architecture sensor fusion system that leverages artificial intelligence and sensor to sensor communications capability with “drag & drop” user friendly interfaces, to offer clients seamless connectivity to areas they are operating in.

“We had an amazing turnout of clients and partners this year where we showcased capability immediately available to the warfighter, and experimented with some on-the-fly integrations – demonstrating the incredible adaptability of rapidly integrating with external systems,” stated Michael Gates, CEO of GDX.

While many products on the market operate with proprietary code, GDX recognized the future of systems integration meant having extreme adaptability to quickly connect and visualize data from nearly any external sensor or source of data. SPHERE Edge transforms disparate data sources into a user defined operating picture – accessible on mobile devices (SPHERE Mobile) as well as web & Windows (SPHERE Command).

Combined with the ability to reach back to GDX Development’s 24-hour support center, delivering tier-1 service support, geospatial & maritime intelligence, end-users can feel confident in they have an end to end sensor fusion solution no matter where in the world they are operating.