GDX Development
Michael Gates

Michael Gates –
Chief Executive Officer

Michael leads Gates Defense Systems (GDX Development) having nearly 20 years of Supply Chain and National Security experience. Following earning his degree at Auburn University and developing supply chain subject matter expertise, he went on to lead British Airways for eight years as Director for Multinational Sales, focusing on international client growth across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Toward the end of his career at BA, Michael began supporting several US –based non-profits focused on the Syrian refugee crisis, later founding Resurgens Global dedicated to helping women and children adversely effected by the war in Syria. Michael was recognized by Face Forward Foundation for his work in Iraq, where he delivered critical surgical care to several children who had been injured in the war.

It was during this time, he decided build a company focused solely on solving very complex National Security challenges and founded Gates Defense Systems (GDX) in 2018. In 2020 also teamed up with U.Group (now Intellibridge) serving as Vice President of Special Operations & Intelligence, tasked with building up their SpecOps and Intelligence division. By 2021, Gates Defense was performing on several SOCOM contracts, delivering situational awareness capability to our nations most elite forces, and offering direct support for personnel recovery efforts in Afghanistan, Sudan, and most recently Ukraine.

Michael continues to push the limits of innovation with his team on edge sensor fusion, data visualization, and situational awareness in austere and complex environments.